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A registered electrician will need to visit and install a circuit breaker (fuse) and a RCD in your electrical consumer unit and run a 32a-armored cable (2x 32 amp supply will be needed for the duel zone swim spa) to near your Hot Tub. A waterproof isolator switch will need to be installed about 2 meters away from your SPA and the electrician will have to hardwire the spa.

You also need to think about drainage as a large tub can contain several hundreds of litres of water.

Please take into account you may need to empty your hot tub so allow for this.

Also when installing a hot tub you need to have a good look at the area you are installing it onto. A tub when full can weigh a very considerable amount, and as such you need to ensure that it is perfectly level. With up to five tonnes of water in your hot tub you need to ensure that it cannot move around easily.

You need to ensure that it is located on a nice firm and level surface.

Never locate your hot tub on a loose surface; it is far better to place your hot tub on a hard surface.